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Mattress - "Looking For My People"


Mattress is post-apocalyptic, post-punk vegas lounge. Rex Marshall is the brain behind the gold microphone, as a child growing up in Las Vegas, raised by parents who worked, at times, as card dealers and costume seamstresses.  This is not the glory days of Vegas, Sinatra’s voice is shot and Elvis is bloated.  What happens in Vegas stays with you and burns a hole in your brain, a hole filled with regret and a bit of gold.

The influence of the city is there, but the lens is warped, cracked, dirty and is scraped against the concrete as Alan Vega of Suicide backs a truck over it.


Looking For My People is the first Mattress album for Glacial Pace.


  1. Beautiful Moment             4:01
  2. Fuck The Future               4:33
  3. Looking For My People    3:53
  4. How Many Tears              4:15
  5. Eldorado                          3:55
  6. What Will It Cost?            4:01
  7. Shake                               4:05
  8. Bad Times                        4:00
  9. Survive                             4:04
  10. Keys                                3:23