Ugly Casanova - "Sharpen Your Teeth" LP


Re-Issue of the 2002 debut solo release by Isaac Brock, Ugly Casanova - "Sharpen Your Teeth"

The LP Re-Issue contains 4 previously unreleased tracks on Black Vinyl;

  1. "Barnacles" 
  2. "Spilled Milk Factory"
  3. "Parasites" 
  4. "Hotcha Girls" 
  5. "(No Song)"
  6. "Diamonds on the Face of Evil"
  7. "Cat Faces"
  8. "Ice on the Sheets"
  9. "Bee Sting"
  10. "Pacifico"
  11. "Smoke Like Ribbons" 
  12. "Things I Don't Remember"
  13. "So Long to the Holidays"
  14. "Babies Clean Conscience"
  15. "Diggin Holes"
  16. "They Devised a Plan to Fuck Forever"
  17. "Roads to Go to Roads to Go to..."

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